Our Vision

At Horizon Church, our vision is to be a loving and caring community of believers in Jesus empowering people for ministry and sharing our faith in culturally relevant and creative ways.

Our Core Values

There are certain things that we consider very important to us as a church.  If you want to know what our church is like, this will give you a good idea.

Our Philosophy of Ministry

The Bible is our foundation for understanding God and the ministry he has called us to. As the inerrant and inspired word of God, the Bible is the key to understanding the character and nature of God. Knowing who God is and what he is like is essential to performing any ministry in His service.
The power of the Holy Spirit is essential to effectiveness in any ministry endeavor. Without the power of the Holy Spirit, none of us is able to accomplish ministry. We need the power that God gives us in order to accomplish the impossible task of ministry. If our task is possible on our own, then it is not ministry, it is philanthropy.

Prayer provides the guidance and direction necessary for ministry. Without prayer we are unable to know exactly how to proceed in any kind of ministry. Through prayer, the Holy Spirit directs our thoughts and actions, provides needed resources, and extends favor where needed.

The purpose of ministry is to honor God and serve others. We do not engage in ministry to honor people. Our motivation is to serve people while giving all of the credit and honor to God who has empowered us to fulfill our mission. Everything we do should point people to Jesus and not back to ourselves.